1. NeurIPS
    BlendGAN: Implicitly GAN Blending for Arbitrary Stylized Face Generation
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  1. IPT
    Fusion algorithm based on grayscale-gradient estimation for infrared images with multiple integration times
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    Image contrast enhancement method based on display and human visual system characteristics
    Guo Chen, Li Li, Weiqi Jin,  Mingcong Liu, and Feng Shi
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    Contrast enhancement algorithm for outdoor infrared images based on local gradient-grayscale statistical feature
    Shuo Li, Weiqi Jin, Xia Wang, Li Li, and Mingcong Liu
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  2. IPT
    Infrared HDR image fusion based on response model of cooled IRFPA under variable integration time
    Mingcong Liu, Shuo Li, Li Li, Weiqi Jin, and Guo Chen
    Infrared Physics & Technology (IPT), 2018